Cafés for the society of super good coffee drinkers in Vienna.
(oh, and we also serve breakfast!)

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The characters behind the cafés, the brew boys behind the beans…

Daniel and Riccardo, two coffee nerds that’ve worked in cafés all over the world bought their own first café creature to life in 2021. And then another. And then another. 

And as the cafés multiplied, so did their talented team. And so did their determination to achieve one single goal – to share their passion for absurdly good speciality coffee with the people of Vienna. 

Nowadays, you’ll find them doing exactly that amongst the easy-going and familiar vibes of The Good Coffee Society cafés. 

What you’ll also find there is something as rare as some of the beans they have on their shelves in Vienna: genuinely friendly and top-quality service.

Bringing the world’s best roasters to Vienna

If you’re a coffee nerd, The Good Coffee Society is your tribe. 

Through a lot of learning, roasting, researching, brewing, travelling – plus many long caffeine days of tastings – The Good Coffee Society crew have earned a name for bringing the world’s best of the best beans (with some crazy funky stuff in there, too) to Vienna. 

The hand-picked range they’re supplying the city with, including their own carefully crafted roasts, can be found in their cafés along with their bountiful know-how. Otherwise, you can order some for home right here in the Society’s online store.