The Story

Daniel and Riccardo, two coffee nerds that’ve worked in cafés all over the world, bought their own first café creature to life in 2021. And then another. And then another. 

The Team

As the cafés multiplied, so did their talented team who are all skilled baristas. And so did their determination to achieve one single goal together – to share their passion for absurdly good specialty coffee with the people of Vienna.

Why join the Society?

It’s all in the name: The Good Coffee Society – we are a team of people bonkers for beans, and we want to build a community around our cafés in Vienna that is made up of like-minded people who, for some unexplainable reason, worship the brown bean like us. 





COFFEE snobs lovers

We source and roast the best & most interesting coffee we can get our hands on from around the world. We’re super curious coffee creatures, meaning we know our sh*t about beans and how to brew them.

Breakfast with benefits

At our 1020 Leopoldstadt location, the wholesome breakfasts keep people coming back for more. Meanwhile, at all locations, you won’t be able to resist our cake and pastry cabinet.

Say no to ‘Wiener Grant’

Like any quality neighbourhood café should, we’re dedicated to making anybody that walks through our door become a regular. The friendly and top quality service at our cafés comes from the heart.