All-day Breakfast

We believe breakfast is good anytime of day. That’s why at anytime of day, we whip up the most amazing breakfasts you can dream of, from perfectly poached Eggs Benedict to fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth pancakes. Trust us, we’re just as passionate about your morning feast as we are about our killer coffee.

Neighbourhood feels

Nestled on a cosy corner, our café offers a charming, intimate setting complete with a crackling fireplace to warm the winter chills, and an inviting al fresco garden for summer rays. It’s got the familiar vibes of a neighbourhood café, while it offers world standard coffee and service.

Crazy good coffee

We’ve got baristas brewing beans from all over the world behind the counter and shelves that stock some of the best coffee you’ll find in this part of Europe for those that like to role-play being their own barista at home (your kink – no judgement here).






We’ve got vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes that can rival any of the other dishes in our menus. We’ll also automatically ask you when you order – ‘Plant-based milk or cow milk?’

Pastries and cake

Our cake and pastry cabinet ends up empty at the end of most days, and it’s no accident. All of our sweet treats are made by hand by a pastry chef so good, we keep their identity secret.

Reservations are welcome

We’re a small location with a big personality so we get it – sometimes you want to reserve to make sure you get a spot in our garden, or by the big window inside, or by the fire! Anyway, just give us a call or email us